• Volunteer Opportunities

  • Newsletter Committee

    We are looking for people who have time to volunteer to help produce the monthly CVA newsletter.

    Please contact Sam Tam  stam@thecva.org

    This will involve at least a couple of hours a week and can involve any of the following:

     General Responsibilities: The Newsletter Committee:

    1. Encourages the general membership to submit articles for each monthly newsletter.

    2. Generates a monthly electronic newsletter using MS Publisher, Microsoft's word and Adobe PDF Software.

    B. Organization and Tasks - General:

    1. Sam Tam, the Communications Committee Chair of the CVA will appoint a Newsletter Director, to act as a liaison and as many committee members as necessary to accomplish the tasks of the committee.

    2. The Chair will assign members of the Committee to be a designated Editor for one or more issues to ensure consistency and formatting.

    3. Each issue should contain a message from the President, New Member report, plus other items of interest.

    4. Other suggested content includes Executive Committee meeting summary, any other Committee news and Committee meeting summaries.

    5. Newsletters should be drafted in MS Publisher or Microsoft word and will be converted to the provided newsletter template formatted 8-1/2 x 11 pages with a font no less than a comparable Times New Roman 12.

    6. The designated monthly Editor will send a draft in PDF format to the Newsletter Chair and Executive Committee for final review.

    7. The designated monthly Editor will send the final draft in PDF format to the Webmaster for distribution no later than the 10th of the corresponding month.



  • Membership Committee 

    We are looking for people to join membership committee. If you have a couple hours a week to help out let us know.

    We are Looking for Provincial members in each province. 

    Contact Ross Morrell  rmorrell@thecva.org

    The Duties & Responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

    1. Attend 80% of all committee meetings (conference calls).(second thursday and 4th thursday of the month)

    2. Provide input/suggestions to expand/ improve services and add value to membership.

    3. Provide input/suggestions on how to increase membership to further support CVA initiatives.

    4. Work with Regional committee members, with membership issues or initiatives.

    5. Support and promote membership involvement.

    6. Be able to answer questions regarding CVA's mission, objectives and structure; Address questions and provide information regarding membership (e.g. questions relating to dues, membership categories, etc.).

    7. Actively recruit new members and promote and encourage participation in CVA.

    8. Follow up with any potential members you contact to address questions, provide additional information, and help facilitate their joining CVA.

    9. In your region, reach out to those who have not renewed their membership to determine why and encourage them to rejoin

    10. Assess membership needs through instruments such as surveys and questionnaires or other methods suggested by the Board, and communicate the members needs to the Board.

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