• Quebec Legislation

    The CVA and its government relations counsel initially met with the office of the Minister of Health in spring 2015 and followed this up with a presentation at the public consultations the summer of 2015.  The main thrust of the presentation was to allow an exemption for vaping in vape shops, similar to the legislation passed in British Columbia.

    In a turnaround, the Quebec government the industry by passing “An Act to Bolster Tobacco Control” in November 2015 with a 24 hour enforcement in effect.  In anticipation of the potential for this eventuality, the CVA had consulted with various Quebec legal firms on the potential for an action against this legislation.  Once the Act received Royal Assent, the CVA moved quickly to engage one of these firms to file an action on its behalf.  As of today, 4 separate legal actions have been filed against this Act, one of which is the CVA’s.

    To date, no hearings have been scheduled and CVA will keep the membership apprised on any developments on any movement or activity on this front.

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