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    Maximize the value of your membership and increase exposure to your business by participating in our Guest Writer program. Showcase your expertise on topics relevant to our members by writing articles for our monthly newsletter. The program is a win-win opportunity, because it gives our members a different perspective on what's happening in the industry, and it indirectly serves as a marketing tool for your business.

    We believe in the true power of thought leadership, and how our members can be influencers in improving our community. If you’d like to be a guest writer, contact Sam Tam,  at 

    ‘Pitch’ your story idea. We will review your submission, and then help maximize the impact for your article. Article submissions will be published at the sole discretion of Canadian Vaping Association. Submission does not guarantee publication. 

    Article guidelines:

    • The guest writer program is for CVA members only.
    • The article should be an informational piece, approximately 300-500 words long.
    • While we understand this is an opportunity to present your offerings and gain exposure with the audience, we discourage blatant sales pitches. The article should focus on how your information may help or enlighten the reader. The information and knowledge you present shows your expertise on the selected topic while indirectly serving as marketing tool for your business.
    • The article could be written on a recent trend in the vaping industry, a process or application of your products in the market place or similar type story.
    • The article should include the writer's name, title, company name and the products or services your company has, and call to action (or referring website). If you have a headshot, please include that as well.
    • The staff may edit any article that is submitted for length, readability, or grammatical errors, but will work diligently to retain the message, tone and information contained within.
    • Please include an applicable piece of art (i.e. diagram, illustration, photo), if possible.
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