• Board Members

    Shaun Casey
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Shaun Casey was a founder and creator of CVA before entering the industry. He has 30 years of executive chemical manufacturing experience as well as having owned large multi store retail corporations.  Today he is a shareholder and President of Flavour Art North America Inc. the largest global manufacturer of flavouring to the e-liquid industry. His firm is the leader in research on vapour toxicology through their Clearstream Onward research. (www.clearstreamonward.com ) Flavour Art is the only manufacturer of flavours that support advocacy in Canada and belongs to both CVA and ECTA.

    Shaun supports advocacy globally and sits on multiple advisory boards in the USA. 

    Shaun is committed to ensuring that vaping is fairly regulated in Canada and that Bill S-5 offers the industry that he loves so much, a bright future.
    Charlie Pisano
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Vice President
    Ross Morrell
    Treasurer / Membership Chair
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Province: Alberta
    Ross has been an active member of the CVA since its inception, being honored to serve as both the Treasurer and chair of the membership committee. He is very passionate about the good vaping can do, to the point that he is an owning partner in the One-Stop Vape Shop chain of stores in Alberta and BC. He has a strong background in both sales and management and firmly believes that this organization can do amazing things for the future of vaping.
    Karim Khwaja
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Legal and Government Relations Chair
    Boris Giller
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Communications Committee Chair

    Boris has been a vaping advocate since 2013 after co-founding Vape retailer 180 smoke - Vape Store. He has appeared before municipal, provincial and federal committees advocating for responsible vaping regulation as well as being interviewed in various media publications and broadcasts.

    Boris is an ex-smoker and ex-vaper who got into vaping after losing his father to smoking. He supports vaping since it is a non-coercive and positive way to get away from smoking without losing any of the "benefits" of smoking while treating smokers like human beings. "Every single smoker knows how bad smoking is for them, repeating that info doesn't help, shaming doesn't help, restricting and taxing doesn't help, providing them with a safer alternative Does"

    Meshaila Sinnis
    Quebec Legal and Government Relations Communications Chair
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Quebec Legal & Government Relations Chair/Members
    Province: Quebec
    Meshaila began her venture into the vaping industry in 2011 in the United States. In 2013 she opened the first vape shop in Atlantic Canada, faced the first legislation in North America and helped in obtaining the wanted amendments for the industry. in 2015 Meshaila made the executive decision to depart from her shops and focus on advocacy not only in the vapor product industry but surrounding a plethora of topics reaching from Health, Education, Finance, Mental Health, and more. After relocating to Quebec in early 2016, Meshaila has focused her efforts full time to The CVA and legislation across Canada. As the First Founding Member of The CVA she is proud to be a part of an ever-growing organization that advocates for it's members.
    Samuel Tam
    Board of Directors
    Canadian Vaping Association
    UL Committee
    Province: Ontario
    Samuel Tam has been servicing the vape industry since 2013. He holds the position of executive director of sales  at Pacific Smoke International. Pacific Smoke is a global distribution company known predominately for marketing Canadian brands such as 12 Monkeys Vapor and Illusions with international partners and vendors in over 30 countries. Samuel has held a long term passion for helping stores develop effective sales and growth strategies, and continues to maintain strong relationships with numerous stores. He is an active participant in advocacy for the Vape industry, and currently holds the position of Communication Chair of the Canadian Vaping Association.
    Philippe Quenneville
    Quebec Legal and Government Relations Committee
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Quebec Legal and Government Relations Committee
    Province: Quebec
    Philippe is a family man and the owner of Chateau Nair labs. Chateau Nair operates two labs that manufacture e-liquid, one in Quebec and one in Ontario. Mixing e-liquids for the past 4 years, he created some unique flavours and some are barrel aged. Before that, Philippe has been the owner of two vape shops in Montreal. He's been vaping for the last 6 years and plans to keep on vaping for the years to come. Philippe is bilingual in both French and English
    Jack Weinberg
    Legal and Government Relations Chair
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Province: Ontario
    In early 2009, having smoked for 26 years, Jack discovered electronic cigarettes when he accidentally came across an article on the then novel technology in New Scientist magazine. Amazed at the positive impact e-cigarettes were having on his life, he opened Happy Vaper to provide others with access to, what was at the time, a very small market. Prior to Happy Va per, Jack was the CTO of Wireless Interactive Medicine Inc., where he developed software systems for the medical sector. Previously, Jack led a development team at Homeland Security Technology Corpora­tion, a GPS navigation solutions provider, where he developed and oversaw systems used in the clean-up opera­tions at the World Trade Center in New York City. Jack, his wife, Sidney, and their two sweet and delightful girls, make their home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
    Darryl Tempest
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Executive Director

    Province, Ontario

    Darryl brings over twenty years of experience in public policy development, business development, and political involvement, as a leading expert for health and patient advocacy in Ontario. Darryl is a founder of the Ontario Physiotherapy Clinics Alliance and acts as the executive director for serval associations and organizations. Darryl has applied his healthcare, public policy, and organizational experience to support the mission, vision, and values of the CVA and the Vaping Industry. 


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